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I’ve always been interested in art and design since I was at school and although I would often make pieces of artwork for my friends and family, I wouldn’t yet to work on any substantial projects until I started working as a volunteer for Derby Museums in 2014. It was here that I was given several opportunities to work on illustrations that could be seen and enjoyed by the public, and from the responses I received I could see that there was potential for me to grow an audience for the images I create.


Following recommendations from just about everyone I’ve spoken to about heading in this direction, I have made this website as a space to showcase my work as a portfolio for my previous projects initially, but as I update it over time I hope that I can make it grow to potentially lead me towards even more creative pursuits in the future.


As my online namesake suggests, drawing using black or coloured inks is my favourite medium, but the style of images I enjoy making can vary as I continue to experiment, refine and develop my own individual style. To help with this, I have enrolled with the Open College of Arts as a Visual communications student, and you can follow my journey through the course in my OCA Learning Log on this site.


If you wish to follow me on social media and keep up with what I’m working on and what I have coming up, keep an eye on my blog and social media pages. Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy what you will find here!


- Andrew Thornton-


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