Illustration 1: Key Steps In Illustration

Reflections: Key Steps In Illustration (Part 4)

I've now completed Part 4 and it has been assessed, so it's time to review how I'm doing. Part 4 was a challenging one for me, but I'm ha such subject matter can lead students into creative cul-de-sac or simple homage borrowing from other illustrators / artists. You have triumphantly avoided this." "Your process and decision making are clearly articulated, the iteration of sketches frustrates but due to your own critical reflection and search for clearer visual communication you have succeeded." To attempt to illustrate the feeling of losing thought stability was a difficult challenge, especially as I didn't want to create something that was from personal experience. I have my own metaphors that help to describe some of the aspects mental health, but here I wanted to try and create something slightly more universal with its symbology. I had no idea if it would be successful at the time as I was under the pressures of the same emotion as the one I was illustrating, but I am relieved to see that I still managed to make something work. "The Vertigo element visually combined with the metaphor of chess has transformed a predictable solution into an intriguing and informed piece of editorial illustration worthy of publication. Well done." To have this work called worthy of publication is an unexpected surprise. Again, this was a case of me feeling low during the moment but managing to push through to a positive outcome. Although I don't consider this to be the strongest piece that I could have done, that doesn't detract from this achievement. I would like to be considerate of editorial formats for other work for this kind of publishing. I feel that I could also tackle this subject matter again in other contexts through mental health related illustrations. In this reflection, I've touches on the fact that I found part four to be a frustrating and difficult time in places, both in and outside of my work. However, as my feedback has a lot of positives for the for the sections that I doubted about at the time and I now feel relieved and reinvigorated to jump into the final section for this module. Iteration is the defining point of all this feedback that I need to ensure is present throughout my work in Part 5. I need to be sketching a lot more to support my ideas process, though I am confident that I can keep improving along a positive path. Potential Study Issues related to Covid-19 As I write this, the UK is well in the midst of a nationwide lockdown issued to prevent the further spread of Covid-19. For my coursework, I will need to be able to navigate the challenges as I will be unable to search for resources outside of my own home that I would normally have access to. Hopefully this crisis will pass sooner rather than later, but for the immediate future I will make best use of what I do have available as we all stay home and stay safe....
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