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A new challenge: Studying with the OCA

Hello all,

This is a short note to fully announce I have recently started a course with the Open College Of The Arts with the intention of working towards a degree in Visual Communications.

I mentioned in a post at the end of last year about having difficulty in keeping the momentum going with my own work as well as sustaining my own ideas and I believe that undertaking this degree will be the best route towards me developing better work habits for myself. I've chosen Visual Communications as it's a broad topic that covers many areas across illustration and design that I enjoy and I’m hoping that it can lead me down a path towards having a full time creative career in the future.

Beginning with Illustration 1: Key Steps In Illustration, I’m encouraged to keep an online learning log to help document my work as I progress and reflect on each of the exercises, projects and assignments that I will be doing. I have decided to set up a second blog section of this website to serve this purpose, which will go live when I have finished writing up my first OCA related post.

I will also still be working my regular job while learning, so realising these goals won’t be a small task as I continue to adjust the increasing workload into my routines, but I’m excited to keep moving forward and developing my work in new directions. As always, your feedback and support is appreciated and I hope that you join me for the journey!


Andrew Thornton




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