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End of Year Update (2018)

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

It's been a good while since I last made a post here, so I want to take a moment to review what I have (and haven't) been doing artistically these past months and what my plans are as we move forward into 2019.


(October) Inktober

In October this year I took part in a yearly online challenge called Inktober, which is an initiative created by illustrator Jake Parker to encourage artists to create a series of ink drawings each day throughout the month of October. This is the second year I’ve participated and both times I chose to follow the pre-set prompt list to use as themes for each drawing.

Last year I tried it for the first time over twitter as I saw it as a good opportunity to try different drawing techniques, mediums and ideas and to also discipline myself into producing something on a very short deadline. This didn't always work out however as towards the end of the month I had almost settled into a routine of doing two or three of the days at once when I would end up falling behind.

A selection of my favourite creations from Inktober 2017

To try and remedy that this year, I set myself a differently structured schedule for the challenge. I still wanted to produce the full set of 31 drawings but on a relaxed deadline instead, so I chose to do weekly updates this time around. This turned out to be a much more comfortable way of production as it allowed me to focus on ideas and be flexible around my other commitments without feeling like I was rushing through the drawings each day.

Weekly Inktober posts from 2018

If I choose to participate again next year, I would like to try and move away from the prompt list if I can, as some days despite my best efforts not every word would inspire me. The “rules” of Inktober are very relaxed though and I could always have a go at setting my own themes next time.

(To view all of my inktober drawings you can find them posted on my Twitter or Instagram)


(November / December) A Creative Gap

Unfortunately during these last few months I've admittedly lost the momentum I had hoped to keep up following on from inktober. I have made a few small pieces for friends and family here and there, but nothing that I have felt fits in with the site just yet. I do have some plans and ideas for changing this though as I think about plans for the coming year.


(2019) Looking Ahead

Usually, my work emerges only as a response to someone else's initial idea and each image that I've produced and shared on this website has been a commission, co-production or competition entry that I have found or has been brought to me as a starting point to lead on from. Although I’ve always found collaborating enjoyable and I like the creativity that can be found in the limitations of someone else's brief, I now feel that it's time that I extended my focus towards my own personal projects during the quieter times between requests.

I have some ideas gathering, so as we start 2019 I would like to work towards making and sharing them with you more often and hopefully ending with a body of work that you can all enjoy as I progress.

Thank you for your support and I’ll see you in the New Year!

Andrew Thornton




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